In addition to our goods, we feature an assortment of other local products at our CSA. Below is information about these delightfully yummy local vendors!

Dabob Bay Oyster Co.

Dabob Bay Oyster Co. is owned and operated by sister duo Annie & Katie. Since 2008, they have utilized traditional, low-impact farming methods to grow exceptionally tasty oysters and clams in the tidelands of Dabob (pronounced day-bob) Bay, a pocket of the Hood Canal.

Dabob Cosmics are their beach grown Pacific Oyster- and you could say their flavor is out of this world. Dabob Cosmics are grown in a unique estuary where an expansive tide flat of the Hood Canal meets the fresh water influence from nutrient-rich uplands. This unique merger of the clean, salty waters of the Canal and a fresh water stream creates a crisp and briny oyster with a fresh and sweet cucumber finish.

They also offer Manila clams, a tender and sweet classic that are easy to cook and even easier to enjoy. They shine as a stand-alone entree with garlic herb butter, or tossed into a flavorful linguine. Whether in chowder, paella, cioppino, or a clam bake- they are sure to please. Dabob Bay Oyster Co. Manila Clams come purged (sand-free) and ready to savored.

Oyster size guide, shucking how-to and more can be found on their website.

Patchwork Farms

Patchwork Farms has been in operation on Bainbridge Island for over 10 years. The sole operator, Russell Lawson, got his start as an employee with Butler Green Farms. He grows a variety of quality all-year produce and has a special interest in growing mushrooms. Based on the community response to his Oyster Mushrooms, we must say he is quickly becoming the island’s go-to fungi guy!

Short’s Family Farm

Short’s Family Farm lies in the rain shadow of the beautiful Olympic Mountains in Chimacum Valley where they raise natural 100% grass fed and finished beef.

They do not feed any grain, antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. All harvesting, aging, cutting and wrapping is done under the watchful eyes of USDA inspectors.

Sweet Creek Foods

Sweet Creek Foods is a family owned and operated cannery located in Elmira, Oregon where the birds chirp and the trees grow green and tall. Paul and Judy (pictured on the left) are longtime friends of Brian and Amy back when Butler Green Farms was just beginning in Eugene, Oregon.

Sweet Creek uses quality, locally-sourced, organic produce from the area to make a variety of preserves, pickles, salsas, relishes, and sauces.

Farm Kitchen Bakery

Farm Kitchen is a unique food-crafting space located on an 18-acre organic farm in Kingston, WA. Farm Kitchen Bakery was born out of Farm Kitchen’s history of sharing yummy baked goods with the community and Hollis Fay’s Bainbridge Bakers creativity.  It was created to wholesale hand-crafted products made from the finest ingredients and frequently featured locally grown flavors. Hollis is famous for a number of goodies but we especially love her famous wholegrain pullapart rolls!

Brian has known Hollis for many years as a community member but also a steward of the Farm Kitchen land where he and wife Amy have grown a variety of vegetables and flowers.