Falling Back and Looking Forward

Interns Madi and Robyn in our kid's educational Bean Tunnel
Interns Madi and Robyn in our kid’s educational Bean Tunnel

It’s hard to believe yet another amazing season is wrapping up. The much shorter days and darker nights allow us a small respite after the intense growing season; the start of a much appreciated mental and physical rest. While there is still much to do on the farm and heaps of produce, there is also time for reflection of and gratitude for the passing season.

First we’d like to thank you all of our loyal CSA members, Farmer’s Market customers, grocery customers, and restaurant partners for their amazing support and encouragement this summer. Seeing excited faces and thoughtful comments as we come in with produce from the field is really what makes it all worth it for us.

We’d like to express deep gratitude for the work of all of our crew members this year. Including Brian (founder and owner of Butler Green Farms), we employed 6 workers here at the farm, 4 full time staff and two interns. Both of our interns, Madi Taylor and Robyn Greenfield spent their first season of farming with us this year. Now that the internship is over, Robyn intends to begin another farm internship program on a vegetable farm in Chimacum. Madi will be exploring her passion for food and food systems in the non-profit sector. Sadie and Paul relocated to Bellingham where they plan to make a home and pursue their own farming endeavors. Managers Ryan and Leah will remain on over the winter to help run the farm and into the following year. We wish them all the best in the future!

Stay tuned for exciting changes and improvements coming to the farm and CSA for 2015!

We truly hope you have a restful winter and Happy New Year!