“Growing a wide variety of vibrant, gorgeous, and sweetly scented blooms is my delight, and sharing them is my passion. It is said, ‘Earth laughs in flowers’, and this seems particularly true during life’s joyful moments, when flora has a powerful affect on us. The sunlight essence collected and reflected by flowers resonates back to us the emotions we feel surrounding key events. This is why I take pleasure finding just the right hues, textures, and scents to match the unique energy of each individual occasion. I believe flowers are not just ‘icing on the cake’ but an essential ingredient to celebrations—helping to ground and center us, showing us the ‘whole’-liness of life.”  

– Amy Kuhl, Butler Green Farms

Specializing in Northwest-grown flowers, Amy creates beautiful, seasonal bouquets available for purchase at our CSA farm stand, the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, and also for special occasions upon request.