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While the unseasonably heavy rains last week may have made for muddy hands and wet feet, we’re happy to report that the crew and plants made it through! The fields got some much needed deep watering (and what better way than from rain!) and are now continuing rapid growth and production that will carry us through the fall. We are also thrilled to report being slightly ahead of schedule with certain fall farm tasks; thousands of pounds of winter squash has been brought in from the fields and our nitrogen-fixing cover crops seeded and sprouted for winter.

Also arriving are many varieties of fresh apples, pears, shallots, arugula, fall raspberries, and truckloads of winter squash! We are also pressing our first gallons of cider. Stop by and you might see us at work outside the stand!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Ordering Now Open
Winter Squash Synopsis



Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys

The wait is over! We are now accepting orders for our free range, grass fed turkeys for your Thanksgiving table. Birds will be on the larger size, perfect for families, at 25-30 pounds. These will be fresh (not frozen) and will be ready for pick up the day before Thanksgiving. These are a steal at $4.50 a pound for healthy, humane, and locally raised turkey! Place your order right away as these sell out quickly.

CSA Members, look for a separate Turkey Order email in your inbox.

Not a CSA Member yet? It’s not too late to sign up today!


Winter Squash Got You Stumped?

Stunned by all the varieties? Here is a simple synopsis of each variety you’ll find at the CSA and how to enjoy this hearty, sweet vegetable.

Spaghetti – Yellow and oblong, great low carb or grain free substitute for pasta, cook with tomato sauce and meatballs in the crock pot

Delicata – Striped and cylindrical with edible skin, try stuffed with apples, italian sausage, and kale in the oven

Acorn – Dark green and round, sometimes with an orange spot, sweet and buttery, bake halves in oven with butter and pecans for dessert

Carnival – Shaped like an acorn but yellow with orange and green stripes, mild flavor and best when roasted

Butternut – Tan and pear shaped, fantastic chopped and roasted with beets and walnuts

Kabocha – Light or dark green in color and pumpkin shaped, bake and puree flesh with cream or coconut milk for a easy, warming soup (add bacon!)

CSA Members can pick up all these varieties and more at our CSA Stand on Valley Road in Rollingbay, WA or at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Winslow. Not a CSA Member yet? Use our secure online payment to sign up today!

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