Meet the New Crew for Our 2015 Season

Our new crew is almost all here to start the new season with us! Meet our newest additions to the team and why they choose to work and learn at Butler Green Farms.

We have more interns on the way, and we are in need of affordable or shared housing for them through the summer. Please send us an email at if you have any potential leads! 

Laurie Reese
Having always played roles as a daughter, sister, mother, and grandma, Laurie is now pursuing an interesting and possibly unlikely transition into farming. Originally from southern California, Laurie migrated north to Oregon, east to Vermont and back west to Bainbridge Island to follow her dream of becoming an organic farmer! She feels that it is never too late to find and pursue your true passion!

Sunwoo Kim 
Sunwoo comes to us from South Korea where he used to be a journalist. After several years living with his family in the states, Sunwoo doesn’t have a lot of experience in farming but is very passionate about sustainability and organic farming. He hopes to start his own farm with his family next year.

Ryan Montella
Ryan Montella is a designer, planner, and farmer who represents the next generation of thinkers taking an integral approach to food security and policy issues surrounding the wide spectrum of challenges facing farmers today.  Ryan moved to Washington in 2012 to study at Butler Green Farms and has since taken on the position of Project Manager of operations on Bainbridge Island and also the La Vida Verde Learning Center in Lo de Marcos, Mexico.

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