Butler Green Farms has raised biodynamic produce in Kitsap County since 1984. Brian MacWhorter started farming professionally over 45 years ago near Eugene, Oregon before moving the farm and family (lovely wife Amy Kuhl pictured above) to Bainbridge Island in the mid 80s. Brian has helped our community create a thriving market for nutritious, high-quality produce with his involvement in local farmer’s markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and farm-based education programs for local schools through the Educulture Project.

Known for his ability to extend the growing season, Brian operates many greenhouses and several low tunnels to produce high quality greens and root vegetables throughout the winter and thousands of heirloom tomatoes in the summer. Committed to growing food in a way that is healthy for eaters and the environment, Brian and his team use biodynamic practices that build biodiversity and soil health while producing nutrient dense foods.