Planting Progress and Spring Fun on the Farm

squash planting 3
Farm crew members Laurie and Emily delivering squash starts to the field for planting

As day temperatures continue to increase, so has our abundance on the farm and fields this month. We beat our previous record and had our first vine ripened, heirloom salad tomatoes in May! This makes Farmer Brian very happy, as he and the crew have been caring for these very plants since January when they were carefully seeded, cut, and individually grafted by hand when they were less than 4 inches tall! We graft this particular variety to improve disease resistance and yield without altering the genetic makeup or delicious taste! Be sure to pick some up at the CSA or Farmer’s Market for a real treat!

Try our first strawberries in this Flourless, Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Also coming on strong are our first strawberries, juicy and succulent with no need to core. We just pop off the top leaves and eat the rest! As the temperatures continue to increase, so will their sweetness! Also, because they are the everbearing variety, we are able to offer these gems all summer long. Look for our recipe for Flourless Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble at the CSA or the iFood Real blog.  See a full list of what’s fresh this month at the CSA and Farmer’s Market.


Apart from harvesting, we’ve successfully managed to get all of our fields planted with our summer crops, including squash (pictured above), beans, potatoes, and sweet corn! Believe it or not, we’ve been so busy planting we may have temporarily forgotten where we parked one of our farm rigs!

farm tour brian farm tour kids

Also, thanks to everyone who spent the afternoon with us last weekend on our first Farm Tour and Open House! We enjoyed seeing both new and familiar faces and introducing you to where all your food is grown. It is important to us that you feel connected to your farm and farmers! We’d also like to welcome a few new CSA Members who stopped by and signed up!